Quality Made Us As Patidar

Patidar agro promises top quality and purity in every bottle. Chosen with care, formulated with precision and manufactured with the latest processing technology, we believe in putting quality over everything.


Most Important Preference - Purity

With the intention of preserving nutritional value and quality in all our products, we send each of our extracts, spices and condiments through multiple processes to ensure purity. Additionally, we employ an extensive team of food and nutrition experts, production experts and other professionals to oversee every aspect of production. Right from determining the perfect blend of spices to ensuring that each sample has been sealed tight, we are in high demand on a national and international scale. Our love for traditional flavors paired with our need to experiment with new ones creates one of the best selling products on the shelves.


Guiding Philosophy

Quality has been the watchword at Patidar Agro since inception. The guiding philosophy of the founders has always been not to sell anything they are not willing to eat themselves.
Quality Assurance in all spheres of activity is based on this philosophy. Thus the best available Pre-cleaned raw material are sourced and double cleaned at the factory prior to manufacture, physical, chemical and microbiological testing is carried out for all raw material as well as finished products. All employees undergo periodic health check right up to the management level.
At Patidar Agro, we take multiple quality control measures to keep our products up to the highest standards. We handpick natural ingredients for a rich and fresh texture and flavor and process them in hygienic and completely clean areas. We also have several specialist quality control experts and food professionals to ensure that all our products are balanced in taste and provide good nutritional value.


Customer Trends & Preferences

We also tirelessly check our products for purity and quality. Our workforce has been trained to remain updated on the latest taste palettes, trends and preferences of our customers so we can continually improve upon our product range. Regular inspections and quality control measures ensure that our products exceed the health and safety regulations, giving you the best and most delicious of everyday products.


International Quality Standards

We follow all safety and quality parameters to ensure that we meet international standards. Supplying to multiple nations around the world, we are abreast with local and international regulations and take several measures to meet all quality standards. At Patidar Agro, we don’t wish to be just another provider of food products and seek to forge long term relationships. By providing you, our valued customer, with the right products to brighten up your day, we want to provide uninterruptedly a range of quality and healthy food products


Award & certificate

  • We are ISO 22000:2005 Certified
  • IEC (Import Export Code) Certified company and we are Certified member for export by Indian Spice Board and we have registered In USFDA also
  • FSSAI & HACCP Certification complied the requisites of foods safety and GMP at every level. Our facility is certified with Food Safety Standards Authority of India, a license issued by Govt. of India.

We Are Experts In

Quality Products Variety: 95%
Fast Delivery Services: 92%
Packaging: 90%
Hygienic Food: 99.9%
Remembering Healthy Diet: 100%
Team Dedication: 100%
Customer Satisfaction: 100%

Our Unique Selling Points

Healty Diets

Our Products having few fascinating trivialities :

  • It protect against various types of cancer
  • High dietary fibers and Vitamin
  • Help to lower Cholesterol serum
  • It has Good Source of Carotenoids which helps in building strong immunity system

Sales & Marketing

We have huge International and Domestic market, we are maintaining good relationship with our client to help & serve reliable quality product in reasonable and effective cost and we dispatch our goods within time limits following all the food safety norms.

Sesonal Food Strategy

We procure sound quality Raw Material and transform into finish product with using sets of Technique -and following all quality parameter subjected to reliability of various range of patidar Pureat products

Quality Test Exercises

Patidar Pureat real strength is our quality control, which we consider one of the most important aspects of our overall operations. The way we check our raw materials and on going process makes our product safe and guarantee full traceability entirely complying with the attest food laws and client demands.
Our in-house laboratory is capable to test physical & microbial parameters.

Our Certification Portfolio